What's Community Action Month?

Friday, May 14, 2021

Community Service EffortsEach year, the month of May is a chance to share about the long-standing commitment of the Community Action Network and our successes in accomplishing our mission of promoting the improved economic security of low-income residents. 

The Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc. (CAA) is a proud member of the National Community Action Partnership and the nationwide community action network. We serve with 1,000 other local agencies that serve residents in 99% of the counties throughout the country.

A History of Service

Since 1967, the CAA has worked to expand opportunities for local residents to improve their lives.  We regularly connect with them on how we can help to improve our communities and reach out for direct feedback to guide us. 

In 2020 our Butte CAA served over 22,000 people in with a variety of services; all of which met a need for them to improve their lives.  This represents only a portion of those in our area with incomes below the federal poverty guideline. Nationally, CAA’s touched the lives of 15 million residents. Here is how our national partners describe the impact of community action agencies:

How the Network Addresses the Need:

The nation’s Community Action network – including 1,000 plus Community Action Agencies – are a robust, national, state, and local force, reaching children and families in 99% of America’s counties with life changing services that create pathways to opportunity and prosperity.

The Community Action network:

Connects individuals and families to approaches that help them succeed – including high quality education programs for children, job training for adults, stable and affordable housing for families, utility assistance for seniors, and so much more.

Promotes community-wide solutions to seemingly stubborn challenges throughout our cities, suburbs, and in rural areas – whether it’s the lack of affordable housing or the need to promote economic growth that benefits all families.

Shares expertise with national, state, and local leaders looking for evidence on what works to promote greater economic opportunity for children and families.

The Vision:

America’s Community Action Agencies connect millions of children and families to greater opportunity, transforming their lives and making our communities – and our nation – stronger. Every year, these agencies help:

    • Tens of thousands of children and youth with before-and after school programs.

    • More than 165,000 unemployed people get a job.

    • Almost 220,000 families find safe and affordable housing.

    • About 6.5 million people, including seniors, make their homes more energy efficient and lower their energy bills.

Butte Community Action Agency's Current Operations

The way in which we have approached our mission in Butte County has differed over the years according to factors including available resources, changing needs and more. 

Through it all we maintain our distinctive feature and one of our greatest strengths; we are local. CAA’s are led by local leaders who implement locally-devised strategies to effectively address local needs. 

In Butte County, we are the largest provider of residential energy-efficiency services to low-income households.  We operate the largest transitional supportive-service family housing program in our Esplanade House.  We also continue to expand the efforts of our regional food bank, the North State Food Bank.

CAA has now become a valued part of the disaster response network that has been needed and activated in the last several years. That responsiveness and flexibility has been needed to help our neighbors at tough times, even the most recent COVID-19 crisis. 

What's Ahead

Yet we still keep our eye on the future through efforts like our tax return preparation assistance program, VITA, that seeks to promote the development of assets amongst low-income residents. 

We also continue to promote affordable housing development opportunities because our region desperately needs more quality housing.  

We invite you to learn more about what your local community action program is doing by visiting our website at www.buttecaa.com or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ButteAction

Your interest and support are invited and welcome!  

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