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Saturday, May 22, 2021

big-EH Kids 2In Celebration of our Esplanade House's 30 Year Anniversary 

This year is the 30th Anniversary of our Esplanade House and we have so much to be thankful for. One of the greatest joys is knowing that even though many different families reside here, it feels like one big house and one large family.

It’s a community. Our staff is supporting and the parents are working to break their cycle of homelessness through our support programs while simultaneously breaking the cycle of poverty for their children. The children are being kids, which is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

We’ve had a great spring so far and have some stories to give you a peek into life going on at our Esplanade House.

Children at Play

Roller-skating has been a theme for our kids lately and it’s been special to see the moments they are having together. Unbeknownst to them, they are learning how to teach others with patience and kindness. They are learning how to receive help from those that care about them and they’re making positive memories for years to come.

EHKidsRollerbladingTwo kids engaged in the same activity, but this time our CEO, Thomas Tenorio, captured the moment in his brief narrative.

“I was walking across the parking lot after work last week and saw these two 7-year-olds out of the corner of my eye. It was clear that they were engaging in one of those life lessons without realizing it.

Justin is on the left and Keagan is on the right. Keagan was attempting to help Justin learn how to roller skate. As they struggled Keagan put his arm around Justin to steady him and to keep him from falling.

I imagined that Justin may have been feeling embarrassed about requiring the level of assistance that Keagan was providing him.

Kegan then told Justin, ‘It’s okay. You’re still my friend.’

What a great example of the life that goes on here at our CAA Esplanade House.”

Kids eat, sleep, get an education and even learn some lessons about life, how to skate and what it means to have friends. We’re excited to see these two grow up and what they will accomplish!

Special Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal, especially after a year of quarantine and social distancing. This year our residents did something notable when they decided to publicly acknowledge our Program Specialist, Diana.

Dianas Birthday Banner 2

As our Program Specialist, she is the first point of contact for whoever walks through the door

at our Esplanade House. As you can imagine, having someone there who is welcoming, compassionate and kind is very important.

Diana is a key member of our team! She brings a calming, supportive influence on whatever the situation is at hand. The residents are appreciate her helping and “can do” attitude.  They can tell that she truly cares for them.  Because of how much Diana does for our Esplanade House we hung a large banner on the recreation wall so that residents could add their own well-wishes and expressions of affection. By the end of the week the banner was full.

Celebrating with Art

Speaking of large banners, we will soon have a mural in our front office that represents the essence of life at our Esplanade House: peace, safety and growth. It’s even more special that the mural was designed and will be painted as a project of Chico State Art Department students. Be on the lookout for photos!

These are only a handful of stories from the last couple months at our Esplanade House and we’ve been operating for 30 years! If you feel called to support these kids and this community, please, donate by using the link below or contact us to find out how you can get involved.

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