Who is the CAA of Butte County? Listen to our Interview on Chico Now Radio!

May 06, 2019

Local KKXX radio show Chico Now, recently had our very own Tom Tenorio, CEO, on as a guest. Vince Haynie was the gracious host of the show and we appreciate his interest in what we are doing here in the community. He was interested to learn more about our Esplanade House and other CAA programs.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here, or read the transcript of the interview below.

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Grant a Christmas Wish - Esplanade House Giving Tree

December 14, 2018

This Christmas you can make a child's wish come true. The Chico News & Review is partnering with us again to benefit the children of the Esplanade House. They have a giving tree set up in their office with 20 tags on it, each bearing the name of a child as well as ideas for gifts. Just pick a tag off the tree and return the wrapped present under the tree by December 19th with the child's name on the tag.

The Chico News & Review office is located at Second and Flume St.

Chico News & Review
353 E 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928
(530) 894-2300

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DXC Technology Donates $5,000 for the Esplanade House

October 11, 2018

DXC Technology encourages its employees to volunteer their time, skills and other resources in their local communities and participate in the DXC Foundation Board’s quarterly Charity Challenge Essay Contest. The Board donates $5,000 to the favorite charity of each contest winner.

For the current quarter, contest judges selected an essay written by DXC Technology’s Cindy Hodges, who was one of three winners from among 23 submissions worldwide. Ms. Hodges chose the Esplanade House, a program of the Community Action Agency (CAA) of Butte County in Chico, California, for the $5,000 donation by DXC.

“These amazing DXC Technology employees truly have huge hearts of gold,” said Cindy Hodges, supervisor of DXC’s facility in Chico.

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CAA's Tim Hawkins Interviewed on KHAP Family Radio

August 02, 2018

At the Community Action Agency of Butte County, our mission is to provide hope to people struggling with poverty to help them become more self-sustaining. Connecting with those in our community that share that goal is essential to the success of our organization and the people we serve.

Tim Hawkins, our Chief Programs Officer, was recently invited to speak with Carol Winkler, Host of Community Issues on KHAP Family Radio. Carol wanted to find out more about the Community Action Agency and it's programs, especially the Esplanade House. Carol shares our concerns for this community and all it's residents, including those struggling with poverty and homelessness. Tim was grateful for the opportunity to share a little about our programs, goals and needs.

Click here to listen to the radio interview.

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CAA Esplanade House Community Council Gives Residents a Voice

July 13, 2018

The Community Action Agency's Esplanade House relies heavily on the dedicated staff that work there, but also on the community members themselves. Esplanade House residents have the opportunity to serve on the Esplanade House Community Council and act as the voice for residents and community concerns. They conduct peer reviews of the other residents and are also involved in the interview process during the selection and intake of new families. They help to develop a system of community rewards and consequences that help with resident accountability.

Tim Hawkins, Chief Programs Officer at Butte CAA says, "The purpose of the Community Council is to empower residents to take an active role in self-monitoring and maintaining the health and safety of their community."

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Tim Hawkins, Interviewed About Esplanade House and Other CAA Programs

May 23, 2018

The KKXX radio show Chico Now, recently had our very own Tim Hawkins, Chief Programs Officer, on as a guest. Matt Foor was the gracious host of the show and we appreciate his interest in what we are doing here in the community. He was interested to learn more about our Esplanade House and other CAA programs.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here, or read the transcript of the interview below.

Matt Foor:                        
Hey, my guest today in the studio is Tim Hawkins, and he is the Chief Programs Officer for the Community Action Agency of Butte County, connected with the Esplanade House. Welcome, Tim.

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Grace Community Church Makes a Difference at Our Esplanade House

May 03, 2018

On April 14th, Grace Community Church came to our Esplanade House for a "Work Day". They had a great turnout and we appreciate all they do for the Esplanade House and its residents. Their crew helped with a variety of much needed projects including installing new flooring, landscaping and yard waste removal, upgrading the outdoor community dining area, painting and general cleanup and maintenance.

We followed up with their Director of Administration and Ministry Support, Dee Wills to find out more about what motivates them to donate their time and resources to the Esplanade House.

"We LOVE Esplanade House!"
  - Dee Wills

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State Report of Butte County Community Action Agency’s Management Responsibility Returns Clean Bill of Health [Press Release]

April 27, 2018

The Community Action Agency of Butte County has received a favorable report by the state revealing “no significant issues” with grant fund use.

Chico, CA, April 25, 2018 – The Community Action Agency of Butte County (CAA), which has operated their Esplanade House Program for 27 years along with other key community programs, has received a positive conclusion to a comprehensive on-site review and audit conducted by the California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD) in February 2018.  CSD’s official report was issued on April 20, 2018, and identified no significant findings. CAA is in compliance with all Federal and State laws and regulations and has therefore been cleared of accusations of wrongdoing.

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Esplanade House “Laptops for Learning”

February 20, 2018

In 2016 the Butte County Office of Education opened Come Back Butte Charter School in an effort to help students who had quit attending school to “come back to school and finish what you started”. CAA fully supports these vital education efforts. One of the ways we support this particular project is our “Laptops for Learning” program at our Esplanade House. Our participants who are working toward their high school diploma, or the HiSET equivalency exam, receive a laptop to accomplish their schoolwork. When they have earned their diploma or passed the equivalency exam, they get to keep the laptop. The refurbished laptops are purchased from Computers for Classrooms at a discount, and we would like to thank them for their support of this important program.

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A Tradition of Giving: Butte College Baseball

February 12, 2018

How do we, as a society teach our young men and women the importance of giving? We want to take a look back and highlight a generous community building moment we had at the Esplanade House this last Christmas. The Butte College Baseball Team decided to not only donate toys, but to personally deliver them and spend time with the kids and families that they would benefit. The young men from Butte College got the opportunity to see the joy they brought to the lives of these kids first hand, and that makes a lasting impression.

So how did this happen? We spoke with Brian Thomas, assistant coach for the Butte College Baseball Team to find out.

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