The Foundations of a Healthy Community

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019

Aerial View of TownAs the Community Action Agency of Butte County, you may not be surprised to hear that we think investing in your community is important, but why? Because healthier communities make healthier, happier people. Engaged and supportive communities create more opportunities, provide safer neighborhoods, and ultimately produce healthier and longer living residents.

Some major factors for healthy communities are affordable housing, education, economic opportunity, available healthcare and general safety. When communities work to incorporate and improve all these components, they start to thrive. Habitat for Humanity helps families build or improve their homes. They have long been a champion for safe and affordable housing, believing that it's a key element to stable communities. We couldn't agree more and that's why we focus so much of our effort on programs like our Esplanade House, Weatherization and Utility Assistance. Providing homes for people who don't have them, or just making someone's existing home safer and more affordable can make a huge difference in their life.

Housing alone is not the whole picture however. Even communities that provide all the amenities and opportunities mentioned above still require some less tangible things to truly thrive. You need buy-in from the community. Not just financially but emotionally. Communities thrive on contentedness. Habitat for Humanity defines three foundational outcomes that are required in a community to create change.

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Habitat's Quality of Life Framework

In order to create change that leads to an improved quality of life, community efforts focus on three foundational outcomes:

  1. Sense of community: Identifying with the neighborhood, feeling connected and supporting one another.
  2. Social cohesion: Being willing and able to work together.
  3. Collective action: Sustaining ongoing projects and advocacy efforts.

Focusing on the three foundational outcomes increases motivation and capacity to overcome barriers to sustainable change.

Why are we revitalizing neighborhoods?

Habitat for Humanity-Distressed Communities Graphic

Habitat for Humanity seeks to further embrace our mission by collaborating with local residents and partners to maximize resources and improve quality of life in the entire neighborhood.


How Can You Make Your Community Better?

Habitat for Humanity doesn't just focus on infrastructure and financial support. Even though those can be factors in revitalizing and creating successful communities, none of it works without focusing on the 3 foundational outcomes that they mention: sense of community, social cohesion, and collective action. In other words you need community members to have an emotional investment and to take an active role to make real change. With more than 50 million people living in distressed communities in our country, there are so many opportunities to improve people's lives by investing in our communities. So what can you do in your community?


If you are interested in making a difference in Butte County - click below to find volunteer opportunities. Together we can help people and change lives!



Since 1967, the Community Action Agency of Butte County has been serving the needs of the region in alignment with the charter of the National Community Action Agencies overarching goal: To alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty by whatever means necessary in your community. As Butte County CAA, we provide hope to people struggling with poverty to become more self-sustaining by meeting tangible needs in the areas of energy savings, affordable food, and housing. Connect with us to find out how you can get involved.