Support the Spirit of Summer and Our Butte CAA Esplanade House

Friday, Jul 17, 2020

There are so many amazing things happening at our Esplanade House this summer! From graduations to birthday parades, and the latest fun will be the Esplanade House Community Yard Sale held this Saturday, July 18th.

EH Summer Yardsale Event Photo (1)The Community Yard Sale is a fundraiser for our Esplanade House. When you shop the sale, you are helping the kids of our 50 families in our CAA Esplanade House program stay healthy and keep busy this summer!

Though we are in the midst of a pandemic and changing times, there is certainly a spirit of resiliency and joy at our Esplanade House. It’s been tough on all of our families to stay in place, but it has inspired us to get creative in our activities and programming. 

“Our Esplanade House is still here, functioning and doing good things like helping homeless families live lives of somewhat normalcy,” said CEO Thomas Tenorio.


We kicked off summer with our Esplanade House graduation. The graduation ceremony featured four residents of our Esplanade House Program put on by Butte CORE Charter School called Come Back Butte Charter, an independent studies school of the Butte County Office of Education.


An excerpt of a speech by one of our graduates. 

Great Food

So much care and love can be communicated through food and our Esplanade House has received so much of it! A special thanks to La Cocina Economica and the Pour House who have challenged themselves and other businesses in the community to help those in need. We certainly appreciate the support and know others do as well. You can read more about their generosity in our blog here.

Good Times

Even though a lot has slowed down or shut down in our area, kids keep going, and therefore, so does our Esplanade House.

The reaction from the kids when we were able reopen the playground was priceless! Of course, final decisions were left to parents and everyone is adhering to safety guidelines.

Kids need the recreational activities and we are intentional about programming child-development opportunities, so the children are still able to grow and learn while at home. It is an important part of our considerations since our main goal is to help homeless families become independent and avoid homelessness in the future. That hope extends to the children and their futures.

Here are a few more of the good times we’ve had and hope to experience during this season:

  • We’ve held a 'Parade of Birthdays' for those children who couldn’t have typical parties. They were able to strut their stuff around the property and were rewarded with some goodies at the end.
  • We had an Outdoor Movie Night for Father’s Day on site that a lot of families participated in! We were able to social distance safely and look forward to other movie nights and activities.
  • In August, we are planning a Box-Car Drive-In Movie Night! We think it’s going to be so much fun for the kids and will give another creative opportunity to experience summer in these times. Even though Tinseltown is closed, we still have the imagination of young children, the spirit of summer, and a big yard!

So if you feel inspired and inclined to help support our program and the family fun we are dedicated to creating, while fighting homelessness and the cycle of poverty, we’d love to see you at our Yard Sale this Saturday! Or you can click the link below to give your donation.


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