Stories of our Community Coming Together

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

During the COVID19 pandemic many people have found themselves in hard and uncertain times. It's effecting everyone from our economy, to families, and even government institutions.

However, in the face of all the worry, people have found creative ways to spark hope wherever they can. Food, social media, and adapting to the 'new normal', positivity can be seen in a variety of ways. 

Keeping it Clean CRBR Butte CAA Sign.

Clean Rite Build Rite Damage Restoration of Chico has taken to social media to spread information and encouragement, while our community of Chico and small business weather the effects of COVID19. 

They talk about the differences between cleaning and disinfecting and offer their professional expertise if any business owners or regular people have questions. They even cover different masks you can choose from, and the importance of protecting yourself and others. 

In a less digital show of support, they created signs celebrating the COVID19 frontline heroes and gifted then to local organizations and businesses doing their part to help out. Our Esplanade House received one fo the signs after CRBR did some work on our units so we could accommodate more families. 

They highlighted the importance of supporting our local businesses as best we can. In one video they had this to offer, "We've had to separate as individuals, but eventually as we come back together and unite we will be stronger". 


The Cocina Challenge

La Cocina Economica has generously donated over 1,000 burritos and are still counting. The owner of the restaurant, Chris Digiovanna, began by matching his employees tips to ensure the 'Cocina family' was secure financially.

Then he looked for other ways they could 'sow seeds' in the community. That desire resulted in donating La Cocina Burritosburritos to schools, living communities, and homeless shelters throughout Chico. Good food always finds a way to warm the heart and our Esplanade House families felt really blessed by the donation of burritos! 

One of the recipients, the Jesus Center, was thankful for the time it freed up for them to prepare functional and nourishing meals. Digiovanna is challenging other restaurants to do what they can to help too, and if he can help any more organizations, he wants to hear from you. 


Hot Meals for Kids

The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley has served almost 7,000 hot dinners over the past seven weeks! And nutritious

B&G Support Banner

complete meals, with snacks, drinks and fresh produce for kids throughout Butte County.

They credit many community supporters, in making this awesome feat possible and enabling them to make sure the kids in our community can have full stomachs. Statistically, more than 1 in 4 children in Butte County experience food insecurity and in the midst of a pandemic they are even more vulnerable.

To reiterate the sentiment these and many other organizations have said, we are all in this together. Keep up the great work!

It's amazing what happens when communities like ours come together to protect those in need. There are so many ways each of us can give back during this time to help our community out.

Whether it is financially through donations or supporting a local business, sharing a positive social media post, or being a little extra kind to others, you can help. If you are interested in donating your time with us, click here to volunteer, or click the link below to donate financially.


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