Suicide Prevention Month Information and Mental Health Resources

September 18, 2021

Butte Strong

If Butte County can be called anything, it is resilient. Our community has been through fire, near dam breaks, and more fire, each of which creates stress and anxiety in many, but we still take care of each other and look to the future in hope.

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The Price of Food is Increasing

September 10, 2021

The cost of groceries has finally increased as many predicted at the turn of the pandemic, and we are now seeing the effect on families’ budgets and in their kitchens. The global food supply chain all the way to our local grocery stores are affected.

The California drought is also to blame for the increase in prices. Water-intense crops, like tree nuts, have been particularly impacted. In fact, some farmers have started taking out their almond trees. Prices of hay and other feed sources may increase which will in turn affect the prices of dairy and other animal-based products.

In a recent article, Bloomberg catalogued how different countries, including the US, are seeing increases in their food costs.

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LIHEAP Takes Action!

August 20, 2021

Paying Power Bills

No matter where you stand on the climate change debate, we can all agree that the current state of things isn't the best. As we continue to have hotter summers and bigger wildfires; it seems every year new records are set. 

Consequently, our energy sources take a hit. We see increases in the cost of using energy and running water at home. Energy efficiency becomes more important so we can stretch the resources we have available and our hard-earned dollars. 

We often worry about the increase in our power bills when the seasons reach their peaks. In the last year we have seen what happens to power grids when they are pushed too far in extreme weather. In Northern California we will no doubt see another large shift in energy use due to the wildfires currently burning and anyone displaced because of them.

Situations like this are exactly what LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) is designed to help with. Through the American Rescue Plan Act in 2021, LIHEAP received $4.5 billion dollars in supplemental funding to help in providing payments. Butte CAA received an additional allocation of funding from ARPA to support our efforts to respond to the needs of our community’s residents.

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From Volunteer to Career: A VITA Story

August 13, 2021

The Volunteers in Tax Assistance (VITA) Program has come and gone another year, but for the second year during a pandemic. In 2020, we had very little warning of how everything was about to change, and the program pivoted the best it could. This year we were ready with a plan to keep people safe and still provide one of the most integral services of our agency.

Due to pandemic restrictions, we could no longer take walk-ins because of the lines and people being in such close proximity, so we scheduled people via appointment instead. The pandemic also put restrictions on location and promotional efforts, but our team overcame and served over 500 members of our community!

There were unique challenges that understandably made it hard for people to volunteer with VITA in these times. That’s also why we were so happy when people did agree to help, for one person in particular, their life was changed through volunteering this year with VITA.

Though he doesn’t want his name shared, we still will share his story.

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Butte CAA Homelessness Prevention Program

July 30, 2021

Butte CAA has been helping people keep food on the table, get their power bills paid, and break the cycle of poverty. Not surprisingly CAA has been involved in various efforts to address homelessness for several decades. In the last five years we have identified a need that is not being met by others. It is community action to find gaps in needed services and then to work with others to fill those gaps most effectively. CAA is focusing on homelessness prevention.

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Historic Budget Wins for California Food Banks

July 23, 2021

Food insecurity in our area is one of our top concerns right next to homelessness. The pandemic brought both these issues to the forefront of our societal lens when people lost their jobs and became at risk for both hunger and losing their homes.

It’s because of this that we used our resources and joined with other organizations to help our community in more focused ways since the Camp Fire. Thanks to our local legislators, Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblyman James Gallagher, we received new State funding that helped bolster our food distribution efforts. We also promoted news of rent relief programs to keep people in their homes while experiencing financial hardship.  We even had brave volunteers answer the call to help make our VITA services happen while abiding by COVID-19 guidelines.

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4th of July Fireworks in Northern California

July 02, 2021

This weekend we get to celebrate our freedom and independence with family time and maybe some fireworks. This weekend's festivities are a great example of events that can bring people together in safe celebration

Around our North State, you have a few options on seeing fireworks displays that are in safe and controlled environments. Reminder that no lighting of fireworks is allowed anywhere in Butte County except in the city limits of Oroville and Gridley. There are also a variety of costs and locations depending on how you like to watch the bright lights and your budget. 

Hignell Rentals lists what fireworks are in our area every year and here are 2 locations in Butte County.

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Inexpensive Ways to have Fun this Summer

June 25, 2021

We get to have a summer outside of our homes this year! We want you to enjoy all that the North State has to offer this time of year and we want to help you do it without having to spend too much money.

Move Your Body!

Get outside and move your body! Going for a walk costs nothing and this simple activity has many health benefits when done regularly. You can plan morning or evening walks with friends and explore all the different trails in your local area and throughout your city. Riding bikes, roller blading, and skateboarding are also great options for you to get outside without spending money, especially with Chico's skate park and extensive bike paths.

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Happy (Official) Juneteenth!

June 18, 2021

Juneteenth National Independence Day

Yesterday, June 17th, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the law officially making Juneteenth National Independence Day a federally recognized holiday. This is the first holiday approved since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was signed into law in 1983.

California State University, Chico's Associated Students was ahead of the federal government and voted to recognize the holiday with a paid day off for their organizational staff earlier this year. They are the first Associated Students in the CSU system to do so. 

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North State Food Bank Tailgate Food Giveaway [Calendar 2021]

June 11, 2021

Tailgate season has returned! This is one of the more unique programs that the Community Action Agency runs.

Tailgate Food Giveaway conducts seasonal produce giveaways in 13 different cities throughout the counties we serve.

We are so happy this program is returning at full speed. We are still taking safety precautions so for the time being we expect the events to stay in the drive through format. 

We are hoping the events will still include other non-profit agency booths to provide education and assistance programs related to the produce, such as Cal Fresh, Public Health and Nutrition Education.

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