Letter to the Editor from CAA Director: Thank You to our Butte County Community

Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Thank You Butte CountyAs we continue to help inform the community about the great things that are happening on a daily basis through the programs and people of the Community Action Agency, our director occasionally writes letters to the editor of the Chico Enterprise Record.

We realize that many of you might not have seen this article or don’t read the newspaper, so we wanted to make sure that we are keeping you informed and that you have access to the information that will help you understand more of what we are doing, as well as our ongoing goals for growing and changing.

Here is the letter to the editor that published on December 30, 2017 briefly reflecting on where we have been and where we are going. You can also view it on the Enterprise Record’s website at ChicoER.com.


Letter: Much has been done, much more is needed

Chico ER

The people of Butte County are incredible. At Community Action Agency, we are thankful for much: the many talented faculty and students of Chico State University supporting our services to bring needed tax return funds to many; the agriculture community that supports our North State Food Bank to ease food insecurity; the home improvement community that supports our Energy and Environmental Services to make homes safer and more efficient; the growing number of partners, businesses and individuals who support our Esplanade House program to reduce family homelessness.

Through these efforts we help people and change lives. Our 50-year-old purpose was celebrated this year by doing what we do best, serving others.

Community action is all about working with others. Sincere thanks to all whose support helped us in 2017 to touch more lives, deliver more services and create more positive change.

But even with all that we do working with so many other great organizations the fact is, more is needed. The poverty rate in our communities is too high. There isn’t enough safe and affordable housing or shelter. Too many of our elderly, children and families are hungry. Strategies for improvement are never easy. But working together has always produced the best results.

From all of the volunteers, children, families, board and staff of the CAA, thank you for 50 years of support and results. We look forward to doing more in 2018.

— Thomas Tenorio, Chico


As Tom notes, without the support of the community, we would not be able to continue addressing and trying to reduce poverty in Butte County. Every program we have, every dollar you give goes to help us make incremental changes so that lives are changed, and hope is increased. If you have questions, please contact us and we would love to tell you more about what we have going on.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to one or more of the programs that we offer families in Butte County, we would welcome your partnership. You can donate online by clicking on the link and let us know if there is a specific program you want to support, or if you just want to help the overall organization.


Since 1967, the Community Action Agency of Butte County has been serving the needs of the region in alignment with the charter of the National Community Action Agencies overarching goal: To alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty by whatever means necessary in your community. As Butte County CAA, we provide hope to people struggling with poverty to become more self-sustaining by meeting tangible needs in the areas of energy savings, affordable food, and housing. Connect with us to find out how you can get involved.