Help Veterans Find Freedom from Hunger

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017

man carrying bags of groceriesJuly is a time to celebrate the freedom that has been won for our country and thank our veterans for their part in securing the privileges we enjoy each day. Unfortunately, many of our vets aren’t doing so well when it comes to the privilege of having a meal on the table each night. According to recent studies* here’s the cold hard reality facing our vets:

  • The most recent homeless point-in-time counts indicate there were 177 homeless vets in our Food Bank’s service territory on any single day.
  • 1 in 4 vets reported food insecurity within the past year.
  • Nationally more than 130,000 veterans are homeless on any given night in America.

While we can’t help everyone in the nation, in the areas the North State Food Bank serves there are over 21,000 veterans of war. Estimates indicate that 5,250 of our veteran neighbors are experiencing food insecurity.

At the Community Action Agency of Butte County, we believe the first place we can help is by meeting their basic needs for housing and food. Our North State Food Bank helps provide nutritious food to our local veterans, but we can’t meet all the needs without our community’s ongoing support.

If you have a full belly each night and a fully stocked fridge consider partnering with us to say thank you and help our veterans find freedom from hunger. How? It doesn't take much!

Thank a Veteran 

Sometimes, a simple thank you or a smile is all someone needs to brighten their day. A written thank you card to your local Vet Center may not help with the hunger pains, but it can fill an empty soul.

Share on Social Media 

If this article strikes a chord with you, consider sharing it on social media to help spread awareness about the issue of hunger among veterans – and many others – in our own community.


Everyone has their own amount of time, talents and treasure that they can give. If yours is time, every month the North State Food Bank serves an average of 45,000 hungry residents in the six-county region. CAA has many opportunities for those wishing to volunteer, including working in our Food Bank warehouse or at tailgate food distributions. We partner with great volunteers and food providers to help make this happen. 

Help End Hunger In Our Community


Each $15 donation will provide 60 meals for a struggling veteran. That’s enough for 3 meals a day for 20 days. That’s $15 for 20 days of food security for a veteran.  

If you break it down into bite-sized pieces, you’ll see that by making coffee at home a few days a month, staying in a night or two instead of going out, or walking past the chips and cookies aisle at the grocery store, you can ensure that a veteran doesn’t go to bed hungry.

  • $15 – 60 meals for 1 veteran
  • $30 – 60 meals for 2 veterans
  • $45 – 60 meals for 3 veterans
  • $60 – 60 meals for 4 veterans

You can even donate online by visiting our website and clicking on “Donate” in the top right corner.

Amber waves of grain...across the fruited plains -- Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave - those brave men and women shouldn't live day-to-day hungry. 

Since 1967, the Community Action Agency of Butte County has been serving the needs of the region in alignment with the charter of the National Community Action Agencies overarching goal: To alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty by whatever means necessary in your community. As Butte County CAA, we provide hope to people struggling with poverty to become more self-sustaining by meeting tangible needs in the areas of energy savings, affordable food, and housing. Connect with us to find out how you can get involved.

Your gratefully received contributions to the North State Food Bank are tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS.  Tax ID#94-1640546.