Help Protect Energy Assistance for Low Income Families

Monday, Aug 05, 2019
Protect LIHEAPDuring the most extreme weather periods, energy is a life-critical resource. Unfortunately, many California families continue to struggle with energy affordability, in some cases putting their lives at risk or forcing people to make choices between things like medicine or food or paying their utility bills.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides help to vulnerable California residents by assisting with energy costs for those most vulnerable in our community.

What Can LIHEAP do for Low Income Families?

LIHEAP protects families across the country from dangerous indoor air temperatures. For example, a young mother of three lived in an older all-electric home and had their electricity shut off due to a past-due bill of about $800. She worked full time making minimum wage and her husband worked as a seasonal laborer. With no electricity, the family could not heat their home, access hot water, or operate appliances. LIHEAP was able to assist the family by paying their past due bill to get the electricity turned back on. She was also referred to the County’s Weatherization Program, which assists families in making their homes more energy efficient.

Unlike entitlement programs that receive increases with growth in the eligible population, LIHEAP does not automatically receive an increase and must be reviewed and approved by Congress annually.

2017 LIHEAP Statistics

LIHEAP advocates are asking Congress to protect and improve the funding for the program to continue to offer this critical assistance. LIHEAP is a small Federal program, but it has a multiplier effect. When struggling families can afford energy, they are more likely to remain in their homes, households are stabilized, and seniors and veterans maintain access to service.

President Trump’s fiscal year 2020 (FY20) Budget proposes to eliminate LIHEAP!

To help protect the LIHEAP program contact your congressional representative. The National Energy & Utility Affordability Coalition has created a resource page where you can lookup your representative and also access information and public policy resources. 

Call (530) 712-2600 if you or someone you know needs energy assistance, and thank you for your support for LIHEAP!


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