Grace Community Church Makes a Difference at Our Esplanade House

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Grace Community Church Work Day1On April 14th, Grace Community Church came to our Esplanade House for a "Work Day". They had a great turnout and we appreciate all they do for the Esplanade House and its residents. Their crew helped with a variety of much needed projects including installing new flooring, landscaping and yard waste removal, upgrading the outdoor community dining area, painting and general cleanup and maintenance.

We followed up with their Director of Administration and Ministry Support, Dee Wills to find out more about what motivates them to donate their time and resources to the Esplanade House.

"We LOVE Esplanade House!"
  - Dee Wills


Why Did Grace Community Church Choose the Esplanade House?

Grace Community Church Work Day6We choose Esplanade House to partner with because there we have opportunities to not only provide material resources but to also form real relationships. We are a church that wants to show and share God's love and we believe that is best done in community. So, we love to spend time on your campus and invite you to ours whenever we can so we can get to know you and share life with you.



Why Did You Personally Want To Do This?

Grace Community Church Work Day5I have a heart for those who have struggled to find peace and joy in life. The women and men that I have met from Esplanade House all have a story of hardship and perseverance. I admire their courage in the face of enormous obstacles and have risen to meet the challenge.  And I so admire the EH staff that work with the residents. They show genuine compassion and care for all who live there.



What Did You Get Out of This Volunteer Day?

Grace Community Church Work Day2I learn something new about strength and love every time I meet with EH residents. Saturday was no exception. I love the stories that were shared on that day. It was awesome to see the pride that the residents took in helping to make their home a beautiful place to be.

It was our pleasure to be there on Saturday. We LOVE Esplanade House!

Dee Wills
Director of Administration and Ministry Support
Grace Community Church

The Esplanade House provides transitional housing and intensive supportive services for homeless families with children. The main goal of the Esplanade House program is to work with homeless families to accomplish life changes that will help them to become as healthy, confident, and self-sufficient as possible. Our program also places a special emphasis on helping the children recover from the trauma of their family’s homelessness and to be given the supports they need to succeed in school, address developmental progress, and gain social and emotional competencies necessary for their future.




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