Earth Day:  How Community Action Agency of Butte Counties Programs are Contributing to a Greener Future

Thursday, Apr 21, 2022

Energy. Efficiency. Weatherization. Food Rescue.

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Those key words are the stepping stones that are paving the way to a greener and more sustainable future. Most of us know the importance of being energy efficient, the benefits of weatherizing our homes, reducing the amount of overall waste in homes and in our landfills, but all of these things are also beneficial to our environment.

Visions of an Efficient & Sustainable Future


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The surmounting effects of global gas emissions are the leading cause in many of the climate related obstacles we currently face. For example, here in California we produce over 80% of the worlds almond harvest. The negative effects of our droughts in recent years has not only affected the water supply for the almond orchards but it also affects the seasonal wildflower blooms that in turn, limit the food source for our most treasured and beloved bees. Food Rescue plays a huge role in the diversion of food waste from  our landfills. This is where we as a community can really make an impact if we work together!

Weatherizing homes plays a major role in the reduction of harmful gas emissions and can even reduce water usage. A huge benefit to making your home more energy efficient is that it also will reduce your utility bills.  Not only will it reduce your monthly costs but there are even Energy Incentives you can receive for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades that you make in your home. With the rising costs of living we understand that not everyone can afford the costs of energy efficient upgrades let alone the increasing cost of utility bills.   That is where the Community Action Agency of Butte Counties Energy & Environmental Program can help.   If you need assistance with utility bills be sure to check out our website to learn more about our Utility Assistance (UA) Services.  Keep reading to learn more about our 530 Food Rescue Coalition, and Energy & Environmental Services.



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The Energy & Environmental Services program works to reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning, by making homes more energy efficient.  Since 1979, Community Action Agency (CAA) has provided services through home energy saving programs that are funded both federally and by utility companies. These services have helped families be more comfortable in their homes and save money by reducing their overall energy consumption.

Weatherization is the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements – think keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter – and modifying a building to reduce energy use and optimize efficiency.  As part of the weatherization program, technicians perform energy audits on homes to determine which energy measures are most appropriate and cost effective for each home to reduce energy costs for low-income families.


530 Food Rescue Coalition

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 The 530 Food Rescue Coalition (530 FRC) is an innovative food recovery project in Butte County working to save perfectly good food from going to waste.  Using a custom-built app, we mobilize volunteers to transport food donations from food retailers to non-profits. The 530 FRC aims to fill gaps in the existing food recovery system. 

Do you have surplus food at the end of the day, but lack resources to redirect it to an organization in need or know someone who does? Are you an organization in need of food donations? Are you an individual looking to help your community and environment?  Then Food Rescue may be for you!  Download the app by clicking the links below.


Download the 530 Food Rescue Coalition App





While some of the funding for our programs comes from government funding, our goal is to continue to grow the programs in the coming years. A big part of this includes raising funds from the local community and with help from volunteers to help increase the number of services we can provide to the populations in need.  

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