E-House Kids Summer Reading Challenge Provides Pizza, Prizes and Life Change

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017

E-Kids-Summer-Reading-ProgramAt The Esplanade House in Chico, one of our key goals is to make sure that the children in our program are set on the path to the best education they can possibly have. Reading is a core part of any good education. We also recognize that some families have struggled to engage their kids in reading, so we decided to add a bit of fun and a competition to it! It’s amazing what kids will do if there is pizza in their future!

We call it “The Summer Reading Challenge” and we did it over a two-week period of time.

As with every good competition, there are rules of engagement. These were the rules:

Two Week Reading Challenge!

  1. Check out a book from the E-house Reading Library in the Family Room
  2. Read a minimum of 10 minutes a day. More is better!
  3. Write down the date, title of the book, the name of the author, and how many minutes you spent reading.
  4. Parents must sign your reading log.
  5. Return the book to the library and check out a new book as needed.
  6. Turn in your completed reading log by Friday, August 11th at 5pm.
  7. If your reading log is complete, you will be put into a raffle drawing for prizes.
  8. Happy Reading and good luck!

Our E-house kids rose to the occasion and started reading!

At the end, we had a pizza party to celebrate everyone who participated, and we got to hand out those coveted prizes. The prizes and pizza party were provided by Dee & Bryan from Grace Community Church, and we appreciate their partnership a ton! We had 11 participants and everyone was able to receive a prize. Prizes included $50 gift cards to Toys-R-Us, Round Table Pizza and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What matters beyond the two-week challenge, the chance to eat pizza (which is always a good day), and the fun we had together, was the difference this makes in the lives of our families.

According to one parent, Jessie F., “The Summer Reading Challenge helped me to create a reading schedule with my son that we now maintain even though the Reading Challenge is over.  My son likes books now!”

That’s a win for sure!

LaVon Hernandez, one of our CAA Case managers said “The summer reading challenge was an opportunity for the families to develop a positive outlook when it comes to literacy.  The importance of reading as a family to some has been an unknown but now it has become a reality.” 

We want to congratulate our Summer Reading Challenge winners Chad, Leland, Charlie, Clio, Chance, Marisa, Aliyah and Mya!

Justice, Cadogan and Sean also participated and we are super proud of them.

We are excited to have been able to do this with our families. We can’t do any of these programs without the support of our volunteers, and donations from people like Dee & Bryan. Thank you!

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