COVID-19 Relief and Other Butte CAA Updates

Friday, Sep 04, 2020

Butte CAA Radio Blog - August 2020 (1)

Once a month, Butte CAA CEO, Thomas Tenoiro, spends some time with KKXX Chico NOW! Host, Vince Haney, to talk about what's going on at Butte CAA.

August's conversation was full of encouragement and packed with information about COVID-19 updates, the North State Food Bank and housing development projects.

[You can listen to the full recording Here]

COVID-19's Effect

There are many signs, both locally and beyond, of how things are reopening. Soon, hopefully, we will see something that resembles normalcy. For us at the Community Action Agency, that looks like being able to resume doing what we do best; which is to help address needs that exist among the residents here in Butte County and the North State.

For starters, we have reopened our homeless prevention program. Because of the economic effects of the pandemic, we expected to see an increase in assistance requested. This is due to folks being out of work, which results in lower income and means being late on rent and possibly evicted. 

Call our office 530-712-2600 if you or someone you know needs help because we want to see if we can help. 

The same struggles are impacting residents' electricity bills and many people are at risk of losing their power. We are still in the peak of summer making it dangerous and even life threatening for a home to be without power. PG&E is offering some assistance by capping shut-offs and CAA has programs that can help with your power bills as well. 

Our response to the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff events is getting firmed up. We are working on communication channels to be able to better reach those with medical needs that rely on power. The end result will be to provide with a portable solar-powered battery to ensure that any medical devices in their homes have the power needed.

More Funds for Food

Butte CAA has finally started receiving the government approved funds to bolster aid during the pandemic and can begin putting them to good use.

For our CAA North State Food Bank, we are going to increase food solicitations and fill up our food bank to add more food distribution events throughout our six-county service area.

People are not just in need of food, but nutritious food, and we are grateful to be able to provide that. We have “packaged food”, a combination of canned foods and easily prepared meals, that is easy to distribute via our tailgate food distribution events. The amount of food we give out is enough to feed four people for four to five days.

Housing Development

The CAA is also looking into more housing development. While we have the resources to do so, we want to do what we can to support the need.

Currently, we are talking about building a 97-unit senior affordable housing project in Redding. Butte CAA is familiar with housing projects and has already developed properties like our Esplanade House and North Point apartments. We also have our sights set on building up on the Ridge when we are able.

Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month! Butte CAA’s North State Food Bank has been one of our steadiest and most needed programs in the past months. In our next blog, we will go into more details about why this month is so important and how it affects millions of people nationwide.

It is our mission to serve the needs of our communities, and even though we cannot solve every problem relating to poverty, we will do our best to help where we can.

You can also help out by volunteering with us or donating your dollars using the link below. With the extra funding and the generosity of caring hearts in our area, we can do a lot of good in a time of confusion and worry.

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