Celebrations and Getting Ready for the Holidays at Butte CAA

Thursday, Nov 12, 2020

Butte CAA Radio Blog - Oct. 2020The holidays will be here soon, and we are gearing up to help where we can around the North State by partnering with other nonprofits. We are happy to be a part of the multiple organizations trying to do good in our communities.

Without the churches, food banks, and other civic minded groups, we wouldn't be able to hold events as often as we do. The next few months we will be relying on this team spirit and our community because we aren’t slowing down!

“Normalcy” at our Esplanade House

With COVID-19 restrictions being loosened, our EH program has been experiencing a small return to normalcy with something new as well.

We now have Sonoma State nursing students coming to our EH program to expand their skill sets and serve our families. Every other Tuesday, they meet with the families and go through any of the health issues they may be facing. The families look forward to their visits and we are thankful for their services!

In more student news, our CAVE volunteers (Community Action Volunteers in Education) from Chico State are back! Following all the necessary precautions to stay safe, they have started volunteering in two ways. The first program is tutoring and helping the EH children with their schoolwork every afternoon. The second is a recreational time where the EH children engage in outdoor activities under the CAVE volunteers’ supervision.

Our Butte County Office of Education liaison Matt, is also back and able to once again help EH parents get their GED or assist them with other educational needs.

Reasons to Celebrate

During this past stretch of COVID-19 regulations, some of our EH residents graduated and moved to affordable housing in the community. It is always a bittersweet goodbye, but that’s our goal at our Esplanade House; to bring people in, build them up, and send them out again ready to stand on their own two feet.

We also want to just take a moment to acknowledge that we are getting ready to celebrate our 30-year anniversary of our Esplanade House. We will certainly want you to partake in celebrating, but we will wait for 2021. We couldn’t have done this for so long without the incredible community support.

Together We Give

The Holidays

Our Halloween events were a blast and we are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the way. Don’t forget Giving Tuesday this year on December 1st!

We are gearing up for Christmas, particularly our Esplanade House Giving Tree. You can visit the physical trees at their locations, which will be confirmed soon. You can also engage with our new online component this year. We know that holiday spending may be tight this year, but if you are still wanting to give, we just ask you to keep our EH in mind.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates on our giving events!

Be on the Lookout 

Because 2021 will be here before you know it, we are also looking to VITA! This is our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program where we help you do your taxes for free, if you meet the income guidelines. We faced a setback with Chico State not being in a physical session this year as the accounting club was vital to our volunteer base every year.

However, people have been coming forward with a desire to help, so we are going to find ways for them to get involved. Not just for VITA either, but for whatever the BCAA needs. It couldn’t be better timing with our new Pack-a-Meal Program, Food Donor Food Pick-up match program, and more.

Keep an eye out for giving opportunities and if you would like to be on our list of volunteers for this upcoming season, we would love to have you. Click the link below to sign up!