CAA: Making a Difference Everyday

Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Butte CAA Logo Helping People Changing Lives

Make A Difference Day started in 1992 and has served to encourage everyone to help others and their communities for 28 years.

With over 50 years of service, the Butte CAA knows a little about making differences in the community. We have provided many opportunities for low-income residents to gain greater economic security.

That’s our purpose; it's how we make a difference. The positive impact of programs run by the CAA has been shown in the lives of thousands of people, and we welcome new volunteers or donors who wish to help with our work.

Weatherization and LHEAP

The elderly are able to stay in their homes and maintain their independence longer due to the improvements made to their houses by our Weatherization programs. Our Energy and Environmental Services Program helps families keep the lights on and the fridge cold without having to sacrifice food or medical needs by assisting with power bill payments.

Installing batteries for the medically dependent so they can stay safe during Public Safety Power Shutoffs, adding insulation to homes so their heating and cooling units go further, and updating other parts of a home where there are energy inefficiencies are just some examples of how we make a difference in the energy stability of homes in our community.  

With less electricity being needed for home use our efforts also address a larger need to reduce electrical generation needs. In other words we help our power grid to last longer and be more reliable because we reduce our demands on it.

North State Food Bank

Our North State Food Bank has been critical in helping our community during social distancing, stay-at-home requirements and economic downturn. We’ve also become a partner in our community’s response to the impacts of wildfire disaster.

Families can provide healthy food for their children due to distributions by the CAA. If a child is well fed, they are much more able to do better in school which can have a positive generational impact on our communities.

We've adapted our Tailgate distributions to be drive through to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still getting nutritious food to people these past few months. We've also kept up our TEFAP food distributions that are year-round.

Food and shelter are two of the most basic needs. If families and individuals face hunger then the rest of their life is likely to struggle as well. Providing hunger relief with healthy food is one of the simplest ways we can make a difference in peoples' lives.


Individuals and families can get helpful tax refunds to take care of critical expenses or to begin saving for a rainy day due to Volunteers In Tax Assistance (VITA) services coordinated by CAA. This program is a favorite of both the CAA and our surrounding community!

It is wonderful to see accountants and accounting students from the community volunteer their time to help others with their tax returns. By providing this free service we are able to help low-income individuals get the most out of their tax return and bolster their savings and the local economy.

This year, VITA is going to operate a little differently, but we will still need our volunteers to offer the same quality help!

Esplanade House

Homeless families learn to take responsibility for the changes needed to keep them or their children from repeating homelessness at our Esplanade House. COVID-19 has caused us some adjustments in the way we operate, but the mission is still the same.

Our case workers build solid relationships with their families and support them towards their goals. The kids of the Esplanade House have had a safe place to attend school from home so they can get a good education and improve their futures alongside their parents.

Helping People and Changing Lives

The CAA serves both immediate needs as well as those with potential for long term benefit. We are committed to continuous improvement and invite you to learn more about the efforts of the CAA and the successes of the people with whom we work.

The many volunteers, families, Board members and staff of the Community Action Agency appreciate your interest and welcome you to join us by becoming a volunteer yourself!