CA COVID-19 Rent Relief; Helping Landlords and Renters

Friday, Mar 19, 2021

162394807_2903977146509726_25363086722556689_o-1Rent relief is finally here! For over a year, people have been struggling to pay their rent and landlords have been frustrated by not receiving rent checks and what that means for their ability to manage properties. Well, there is new legislation in the state of California to help everyone get the relief they need.

It’s called CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program. It’s fairly straight forward and there is a built-in reward system when landlords and their tenants use it together. Those who take advantage fo the program can get caught up on their bills paid or received.

You can get more information, check your eligibility, and apply at or by calling 833-430-2122.


To qualify, your income needs to be less than 80% of your area’s median income. Landlords just need to have renters that meet the income requirements. It's really that simple!


Because of legislation that was passed early on in the pandemic, renters have the right to stay in their homes if they're able to pay at least 25% of rent and have paid 25% of any rent owed between September 2020 and January 31st, 2021. This relief program also provides help to pay future rent. 

This rent relief can help you get caught up on your payments if your landlord agrees to participate as well. If you landlord chooses not to participate, you can still receive the 25% needed to maintain your residence. See more details HERE.

This program covers up to 12 months of past and future utility bills. If utilities are a difficulty, we have some options you may qualify for as well, our Utility Assistance and Weatherization programs. 



For Landlords, this program means you can get paid 80% of what your tenants owe, if you agree to waive the remaining 20%. As you can see in the example below, this helps catch everyone up from the past 7 months. See full details HERE.

CA COVID-19 80_20_ENGLISH (1)-1

We are hopeful for this new program to give you the relief you need and help our community get back on its feet.  A roof over your head is foundational to the rest of your life. We also want to acknowledge the property owners and landlords for their flexibility and compassion to help those who rent from them.

Again, you can find out more at or by calling 833-430-2122.