A Tradition of Giving: Butte College Baseball

Monday, Feb 12, 2018

CAA Esplanade House - Butte College BaseballHow do we, as a society teach our young men and women the importance of giving? We want to take a look back and highlight a generous community building moment we had at the Esplanade House this last Christmas. The Butte College Baseball Team decided to not only donate toys, but to personally deliver them and spend time with the kids and families that they would benefit. The young men from Butte College got the opportunity to see the joy they brought to the lives of these kids first hand, and that makes a lasting impression.

So how did this happen? We spoke with Brian Thomas, assistant coach for the Butte College Baseball Team to find out.

What attracted you to this cause?

As a program we are always trying to find ways to give back to the community. We saw the Esplanade House as a great opportunity for our team to give back to children and help influence lives in a positive way. I feel our players get just as much out of the event as the children receiving gifts.

CAA Esplanade House - Butte College BaseballWhy do you think it’s important? 

It’s important because our players get the opportunity to learn what it means to give back. We hope that every family, that is involved, feels good about receiving a gift and making their Christmas a little bit better.

What did the players think of the experience? 

All of our players felt really good about the experience. For most of them this is the first time they have experienced doing something so giving, to somebody they have never met before. Players that come back years later seem to always remember the time they spent at the Esplanade House and the memories they made.  

CAA Esplanade House - Butte College Baseball

How did the kids at Esplanade House react?  

The kids were awesome, they lit up when they saw the guys and it is always great to see them play together after the gifts are given out.

What was most surprising to you about being a part of this event?

The most surprising aspect of the event is how much our players gain from the experience. It truly helps our players grow as individuals.

Coach Thomas said that seeing the smiles of the kids as they tear into their gifts was a lasting memory for him and his players. We thank the Butte College Baseball Team for their generosity, not just for giving gifts, but for taking the time to get to know some of our families and to play with the kids. They had so much fun.

The Community Action Agency is committed to breaking the generational cycle of homelessness and feel that our Esplanade House program gives families the absolute best chance to succeed.  This is due to the program structure, committed CAA staff and compassionate community of support. Take a look at all we have accomplished at the Esplanade House in the last year by clicking here.

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