A New Season to Bring New Hope

Monday, Jan 22, 2018

New Hope - Food Bank.jpgDid you wake up January 1st full of resolve to be a better version of yourself? New Year’s resolutions are a luxury that most of us take for granted. We think about what we want to change and make plans to go about it. We join a gym, we make a to do list, we simplify, we plan to spend more time with family and friends. We think about ways to help others and give back. We have space in our worlds to think and to change.

When someone is hungry, securing their next meal is the only thing they can envision. They can’t think about how they might improve themselves over the year, month or even next week - they can only think about today.


Did you know?

  • More than 1 in 6 children (20%) live in “food insecure” homes (homes that do not know how they are going to pay for their daily meals)
  • Hungry children are not able to play, engage, and learn like other children, and are, therefore, less likely to become productive adults
  • Until your basic needs are met (food, water, shelter, and clothing), you are incapable of planning for and improving upon your future.

Make helping local families part of your New Year’s resolution for 2018 by helping to give back. Fighting hunger starts at the Community Action Agency’s North State Food Bank.


3 ideas to help prevent hunger in Butte County

Give Money

When you Give money to support the North State Food Bank – 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to buying food for families. You might be surprised to learn that with a donation of just $36 you can feed a family of 4 for an entire month! That means that you could feed that same family for an entire year for just $432! We know that not everyone can make large donations and every donation counts. Below are suggested donation levels showing how many families you can help with even just a modest donation amount.

 $8.40 – Feed a family of 4 for a week

$16.80 – Feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks

$36 – Feed a family of 4 for a month

$72 – Feed a family of 4 for 2 months

$432 – Feed a family of 4 for an entire year!


Yes I want to help families be “food secure” every day.



Hold a food drive for the North State Food Bank 

Here are some ideas:

  • Host a healthy food drive – many people who depend on food pantries have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. We need foods low in sugar, fat and salt.
  • Host a protein food drive – shelf stable protein items like peanut butter, canned meats and dried beans.
  • Ask people to match each food item they donate with a dollar


Volunteer at the Food Bank

We can use your help from anything from packing/unpacking food boxes, organizing and advocacy. Whatever your talent is, you can use it to fight hunger at North State Food Bank


Your gratefully received contributions to the North State Food Bank are tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS.  Tax ID#94-1640546.

The CAA’s North State Food Bank collects and distributes food throughout the service region encompassing Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Plumas, Sierra and Tehama counties. With the help of our extensive network of partners, the North State Food Bank offers multiple programs to help low income families get the food and nutrition they need each month.


Help End Hunger In Our Community