Aaron’s Story: The Hard Decision That Helped Him Get His Kids Back

September 22, 2017

The Esplanade House in Chico has been helping families break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and poverty. With genuine passion for participants and their path to self-sufficiency, the Esplanade House continues to stand as a pillar of community service in Butte County, CA. Watch Aaron’s story below to learn more about how the Esplanade House helps people break the cycle of addiction and bring families together again.

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How the Farm Bill Helps Organizations like CAA’s North State Food Bank

September 15, 2017

The Farm Bill is important to food banks and other anti-hunger campaigns. Food banks are important to helping with food assistance in the country and our local communities, but they are only able to provide approximately 5% of this assistance. If government programs like the Farm Bill are cut, then organizations will be pushed beyond their capacity, increasing hunger throughout our communities.

If you’re a part of a food bank, local food pantry or a local organization like the North State Food Bank, it’s important to educate yourself about the upcoming Farm Bill and how you can make your voice heard.

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A Story of Partnership: Helping At-Risk Youth Build Memories

September 05, 2017

At the North State Food Bank, we have a lot of partners who work with us to ensure that the families they come in contact with have enough food to live healthy lives. One such partner is the Oroville Seventh Day Adventist Church. Valinda Wilkins is part of the church’s community outreach program, and was kind enough to write a letter to us letting us know how the work we are doing allows her to do the work she is doing with at-risk youth in her neighborhood.

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E-House Kids Summer Reading Challenge Provides Pizza, Prizes and Life Change

August 29, 2017

At The Esplanade House in Chico, one of our key goals is to make sure that the children in our program are set on the path to the best education they can possibly have. Reading is a core part of any good education. We also recognize that some families have struggled to engage their kids in reading, so we decided to add a bit of fun and a competition to it! It’s amazing what kids will do if there is pizza in their future!

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Energy & Environmental Services: How We Help, One Home at a Time

August 18, 2017

Energy. Efficiency. Weatherization. Solar. These are popular buzzwords in our world today. Most of us know the importance of being energy efficient, the benefit of going solar, and how weatherizing our homes can help reduce monthly costs – but not all of us can afford it.

The Environmental and Energy program works to reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning, allowing families to utilize their income more effectively. Simply stated, reducing energy costs means families have more money to spend on food, medicine and other essentials.

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The Esplanade House: Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Homelessness

July 28, 2017

The Esplanade House in Chico has been helping families break the cycle of homelessness since 1991. With genuine passion for participants and their path to self-sufficiency, the Esplanade House continues to stand as a pillar of community service in Butte County, CA. Read below to learn more about the impactful programs and services the Esplanade House offers to families in need.

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Help Veterans Find Freedom from Hunger

July 19, 2017

July is a time to celebrate the freedom that has been won for our country and thank our veterans for their part in securing the privileges we enjoy each day. Unfortunately, many of our vets aren’t doing so well when it comes to the privilege of having a meal on the table each night. According to recent studies* here’s the cold hard reality facing our vets:

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Local Chico Salon Empowers Women of the Esplanade House with Makeovers

June 26, 2017

As a branch of the Butte County Community Action Agency, the Esplanade House helps residents break the cycle of chronic homelessness by providing a program designed to nurture them along the path to self-sufficiency. Participants of this program are supported by a strong foundation of resources and guidance as they embrace and commit to extensive life changes. To recognize the hard work and dedication residents have given to their journey, My Salon in Chico empowered two women with much deserved makeovers.

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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program in Butte County

March 15, 2017

What is VITA?

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides free income tax preparation assistance to individuals and families with household incomes of $54,000 or less at no cost. VITA program provides free tax return preparation completed by volunteers who have been trained and certified by the IRS. In many cases, these volunteers are accounting students, who are receive valuable hands-on-experience as well as opportunity to provide a service to their local communities.

The program was founded in 1971 by Gary Iskowitz at California State University Northridge. The program grew from a small number of accounting students to a now nationwide program serving millions of taxpayers. 

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February 23, 2017

It’s not over.  As we consider the events of the last week we should not think that it is over.  Our North State Food Bank warehouse in Oroville was among the facilities closed when the evacuation order was issued last Sunday.  Each year our food bank moves over 2 million pounds of food from donors to feed hungry families.  These are friends and neighbors among us who don’t have enough food.  This year we turned into a lifeline.

On Monday, despite lockouts, our staff were heroes.  Working with law enforcement they gained access to the warehouse.  They weren’t overwhelmed with the task; to get food to several evacuation centers that support the thousands of evacuees seeking shelter. Between Monday and Tuesday they transported 10,000 pounds of food to the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Grace Community Church, Neighborhood Church and even went to a small shelter in Bangor to drop off much needed supplies. 

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